The Thrills And Perils Of Being A Gay Escort

‘’What a cute child! What’s his name?” These words were nothing new to Adrian’s mom. Every time she took 5-year-old Adrian for a walk in the park, she would be stopped by total strangers, either complementing his curly hair or blue eyes. It was clear that he would be a heartbreaker.

Fast forward 25 years later and you will find Adrian doing a lot more than being complemented in the park. He is now a full-fledged gay escort. Erick, his current life partner, introduced him to the trade at the age of 20. He has never looked back since. What started as just partying and having fun with the financially gifted ‘’friends” ended up being a full-time well-paying job.

Life wasn’t very fair to Adrian. His mother could barely put food on the table. The projects that were the Vegas Heights were no place for the soft-skinned. The struggle took a toll on the family and with no father to show him the ropes, it was no surprise that his career choice bordered on the otherwise frowned upon escort service. He has been in the trade for ten years now.

His day normally starts at around 10 am, but this will depend on last night’s events. It is typically slow during the day, but his schedule slowly picks up as the sun checks out. His phone is his business partner. It connects him to his clientele who mostly are men, but sometimes women and couples too.

‘’Being a gay escort has its ups and downs. I get all types of clients; some with the most outrageous requests.” One time after a strip session in Las Vegas, a client approached him and asked if he could join him on his private jet to Hawaii. He ended up on a gay cruise ship to the Caribbean. He was too high to know how he got there in the first place. Strange enough his passport was stamped and every other travel document checked out. ‘’My clients include high profile political figures, businesspeople, and celebrities. Discretion is of paramount importance to them. They would do anything to keep their post-social quests on the down-low.’’

The trade, just like any other business has its highs and lows. ‘’Tourists pay well. I once met a couple willing to pay $2,000 an hour. The biggest paycheck is the hardest to earn. Onboard their yacht, we had BDSM for close to 5 hours the scenes were better than any BDSM porn you have ever watched.’’

Sometimes the rubber misses the road. Law enforcement is the biggest challenge for him and any other gay escort. He is now used to spending a night or two downtown He, however, says it is totally worth it. ‘’My job is my life, and I don’t know what I would be doing if not this.”

He, however, says that the gay escort industry is not as glamorous as it sounds. ‘’This life carries with it a lot of displeasing experiences. Sometimes you have to smoke weed, blow powder (cocaine), pop pills or even do drugs you have never come across, just to look the part. I am lucky my clients are now high-end. When I started, some of my clients were broke junkies looking to blow off steam with a fix and have sex at the same time.”

For Adrian, there is nothing to be ashamed of. He might not smile all the way to a stripping gig, but he does grin all the way to the bank. He is in no rush to leave the trade. At 30 he is a hundred times richer than most of the graduate friends he grew up with. His life partner Erick is in the trade too. They plan to get married in Hawaii next month.

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